Bscs faq

At some point you will also need to think about issue 3 for transfer students. Yes, although the conditions for BSCS students are very strict due to the large number of required courses in the program.

In addition to all university requirements, you must get grades of C- or better in all courses, not repeat any courses, be ready to start calculus in your first semester, and stick with the sample program publicized by the department on the back of the blue BSCS handout summarizing department requirements unless your advisor has approved a deviation.

For more details, contact the department undergraduate CS coordinator currently Dr. You do, however, need to follow the proper procedure. You should make an appointment to see an advisor. To this appointment, you should bring. You should fill out the equivalency form as early as you can--ideally before you enroll for your first SJSU courses.

This way you can determine which are the proper courses to take first.

bscs faq

Waiving a requirement is not the same thing as substituting one course for another. Using a lower-divison course to waive an upper-division course means you have satisfied the upper division requirement with a lower division course.

It does not mean that you get credit for the upper division units. These requirements include 45 upper division units for those students who do not take any lower-division electives. Although the units you waive DO NOT count as part of the 42 upper division units, the difference of 3 units means that waiving one course by using lower division courses is no problem if you do not take any lower-division electives.

Q: Does the first computer science course CS 46A assume any background in computing? Officially, no. However, a number of students in the past have attempted to take the course without any experience with text editors, manipulating files, or running commercial software. Many of these students have not succeeded. The laboratory associated with CS 46A now covers a lot of material that's useful for a programmer to know, although not really part of programming.

The lab exercises for this course are available online. Some of these exercises in this manual do not involve programming; you might consider doing them if you want to get a head start in the course.

However, if you don't have some computer experience of the sort suggested at the beginning of this answer, you might seriously consider CS This course does not count directly toward the BSCS degree, but should give you enough background to make the CS 46A course considerably easier. Q: Can I take a course without having taken the prerequisite courses?

This is really two questions: a Can I take a course In the vast majority of cases, the answer to b is "no". The department recognizes that there are rare cases in which a student is prepared for a course without having taken the official prerequisite courses. Thus the department allows instructors to admit such students at their discretion in virtually all of its courses. These courses can be recognized in the catalog by a phrase like "or instructor consent" in the list of prerequisites.

So the answer to a for most courses is "yes, if you get the consent of the instructor". Current departmental policy is to allow this only if the student has at least a 3. Smith prior to taking the course. This policy applies only to the BSCS degree. Q: I think I already know the material in a particular course. Can I get credit by examination?One of the components of the surface is a mineral nano-crystal which acts as a catalyst, charged by visible light.

These nano-crystals create a continuous, powerful oxidation reaction. This oxidation reaction breaks down organic material into base components such as CO2. The NanoSeptic surface continuously oxidizes organic contaminants at the microscopic level. Large scale contaminants must still be removed to allow the surface to do its job.

This is similar to disinfectants, which require surfaces to be cleaned before the disinfectant can be effective.

The 5E Instructional Model – Why You Should Be Using It in Your Classroom

NanoSeptic surfaces are not affected by traditional non-abrasive cleaners. We recommend wiping the surface with a microfiber cloth and water to remove large-scale contaminants. Do not use abrasive cleaners or cleaning utensils which might compromise the NanoSeptic surface. We recommend replacing facility touch point skins every 90 days quarterly. In some high traffic applications they may need to be replaced more often. Mats, mousepads and tissue box covers should be replaced annually.

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All rights reserved. NanoTouch products are patent pending.There are some minor differences in the requirements for each of the degree paths through the pilot. At this time, we are not considering students who are not pursuing a CS degree.

CPE students cannot join the pilot at this time due to different course requirements. The rationale for this can be seen in several ways:. For advising purposes, students will continue to be advised by their current CS advisor. A Piazza message board has been been created for pilot students and advisors to ask questions of the pilot sub-committee of the UGCC.

Faculty and students can email cspilot-questions virginia. Town hall meetings will take place at least twice a semester to get feedback from pilot students and also to provide group advising as needed.

It does look like that, but not really. Partly we are removing some duplication you don't need to learn binary numbers in four different courses. Partly there are some topics in some currently required courses that we do not believe are foundational, and we are moving out of the foundation presumably into the appropriate track once we pilot the tracks. We do not expect the pilot to cover material any faster than do the current courses. Why are there more than what we take in the BACS?

The rationale for this can be seen in several ways: One goal is to enable unifying the BA and BS core, which requires a credit number compromise. Current courses have evolved to have significant content overlap which can be removed in a redesign.

Each track will have additional required courses: the total number of required courses is not expected to decrease for any given track, only the number that are identified as Foundation.

Some topics are being removed from the foundation and pushed to track courses or electives. Who will advise students in the pilot?

It looks like the topics are being condensed If I do this, what will my schedule look like?The specialization is determined by the choice of required and elective courses taken by a student. The programs are designed to meet the growing need for computer science experts in the rapidly evolving 21st century economy. Their mission is to provide graduates with strong Computer Science skills that will enable them to capitalize on the increasing career opportunities in the computer science sector, to expand the limits of their knowledge by pursuing further studies, and to explore innovative approaches to computer related problems.

These specializations provide highly demanded expertise, a great mobility and flexibility, and an impressive range of possible career choices in the Computer Science industry. It is a four-year study program spread over eight semesters. Each semester has at least 18 weeks duration for teaching and examinations etc. Degree Completion Duration.

Students are required to complete a project of 6 credit hours in the final year of their BS degree program. However, consultation with the student advisor is compulsory. Students have to submit a detailed write-up of the project and in some cases may be required to give a presentation. Click here to View Fee Structure. Program Objectives The Strategic objectives of BSCS program are: To develop eLearning student with knowledge of concepts, theories, application and practices associated with the computer science field.

To prepare eLearning student with an innovative practices related to computer science application and enhance the programming skills for solving computer science operations and strategies productivity in local and global platform. To provide eLearning student with an ability to use and analyze software programs tools effectively. To provide eLearning student with awareness of ethical, social, interpersonal and communication skills effectively. To develop eLearning student with refinement of analytical, logical and critical thinking.

To Inculcate and enhance research abilities of students in respective fields. To prepare eLearning student with an ability to proper use of electronic media technologies for interacting with teachers appropriately in virtual environment.

bscs faq

Course Exemption Course s exemption is allowed. Duration It is a four-year study program spread over eight semesters. Project Students are required to complete a project of 6 credit hours in the final year of their BS degree program.

Fee Structure Click here to View Fee Structure Disclaimer The courses may be revised time to time as a result of continuous review to bring them at par with courses from being taught at top-class foreign universities. While reviewing the courses, needs of local industry and job market are also given full consideration.

The University reserves the right to change fee structure from time to time. Virtual University of Pakistan. Contact Us.Aug 22, Uncategorized. But even before I began designing curriculum full time, I used it when planning my own lessons while in the classroom, as well as a model to help pre-service science teachers learn to design their own lessons.

They achieved this goal by providing a teaching model that would be understandable, usable and memorable for teachers. The 5E Model provides a strategy that engages students in more learning activities. Here is a brief overview of the five phases:. Roles of Students and Teachers The developers of the 5E Model would educate teachers on how the phases should be implemented in the classroom and what that would look like in terms of roles for students and teachers.

The following table highlights the roles of both students and teachers during each phase of the 5E model. The following are my answers to the most frequently asked questions: Q: How do you [Nitty Gritty Science] apply the 5E with your provided curriculum? A: Using the overview above, I would fit in my curriculum as follows:.

A: Absolutely! The NGSS are standards, or goals rather, that couple science content with practice. The NGSS allow science concepts to build upon another by encouraging integration of science, technology and engineering.

This integration can be done quite successfully using the 5E model. Q: Can you do a phase more than once in the 5E model? A: Yes, and I do it often. Each unit provides a different learning opportunity, so I make the appropriate adjustments and will revisit phases as I see fit. Q: Is the Evaluation Phase always at the end, or can it, for example, be a lab write-up? A: The 5E model is designed to have a summative evaluation at the end of each unit. Of course, you will need to complete small, informal evaluations throughout the unit, for example using the mini-quizzes I provide after each INB activity, to check for student understanding.

Overall, I have found that the BSCS 5E Model not only added depth and engagement to the learning that took place in my classroom, but it provided a perfect framework to guide planning, teaching and assessment. An Overview The 5E Model provides a strategy that engages students in more learning activities.

Here is a brief overview of the five phases: Roles of Students and Teachers The developers of the 5E Model would educate teachers on how the phases should be implemented in the classroom and what that would look like in terms of roles for students and teachers.

Grade Level.

bscs faq

By Category.The registration of the exporter allows him to have access to the system via his personnal account and therefore to open a BSC for all his exports to Madagascar. The forwarding agent for exportation must register if his clients exporters want him to open their BSCs. This includes personal belongings and removals. In the case of a removal, the owner of the belongings is at the same time, the exporter and the importer.

In consequence, two different accounts must be created exporter and importer and validated. A copy of the relevant passport must be attached to each account. He has to give to the agent his respective registration numbers exporter and importer.

A copy of the genuine Certificate of Registration of the company, with the NIF code fiscal registration numberfor companies and traders.

A copy of the national identity card for individual importers of malagasy nationality A copy of the passport or of the resident's permit for individual importers of any other nationality A copy of any document which confirms the existence of the importer as a legal entity. It exists for organizations such as ministries, NGOs, associations receipt of the certificate of setting up of a company, NIF code and so on. Concerning the shipment of personnal effects and donations, the following documents can replace the final invoice : valued list of contents or valued packing life or valued certificate of donations.

An extract of Register of Commerce for companies and traders, A copy of the national identity card or passport for individual exporters A copy of any document which confirms the existence of the exporter as a legal entity.

bscs faq

These information and documents are confidential. Information related to exported goods to Madagascar are registered in the BSC. It is up to the exporter to do it. It is his responsability. If the case occurs, please contact our team at the following address : mg.

For these cases, it is recommended to express mail companies as forwarding agent for exportation to create BSCs on behalf of their exporting customers. No other export custom declaration will be requested. At least one trader is needed abroad exporter and another one in Madagascar importer for each BSC.

Department of Computer Science

BSCs for EXW operations ex work price, not including forwarding can be created by the forwarding agent for exportation, commissioned by the importer. A copy of the final invoice must be given to him. The BSC must be registered as soon as the goods are shipped.As a Catholic, Christian school, we do require all students to be part of our daily morning scripture, prayers, and pledges.

Students in grades K4 through 8th attend Mass in the Blessed Sacrament Church and are expected to be quiet, reverent, and respectful.

Do you have ongoing or rolling enrollment? Families may register and enroll students up through the last quarter of the school year. Do you have financial aid? BSCS has need-based tuition assistance as well as other supporting programs. To apply for those funds, that parish office should be contacted. Financial assistance is primarily awarded annually prior to the start of each school year. In emergency situations during the school year, support from the Father McCarthy Scholarship fund may be available although funds may be limited.

Are there discounts to tuition? Supporting documentation will be needed. With the possibility of more than one assistance program available, each requires application and documentation. In emergency situations during the school year, support from the Father McCarthy Scholarship Fund may be available. This fund is need-based, and funds are limited. Do you have before and after school care?

Computer Science vs Software Engineering - Which One Is A Better Major?

Our Extended Day program begins at a. The program is designed to include homework time immediately after school and outdoor time afterwards. FACTS provides a consolidated source for families to use when applying for tuition assistance and to make monthly tuition payments. Do you have sports? BSCS Bishops participate in a wide-range of sports, including volleyball, basketball, cheerleading, and tennis. Although soccer and baseball are not part of the sports offered at BSCS, teams are available through the City of Charleston sports programs.


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